Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yosemite Vacation

Matthew and I went to Yosemite from Sunday to Friday. It's been a family tradition to go every year before the new school year. I didn't take any pictures except for these ones on the last morning we were there. Matthew and I have seen bears in Yosemite before but this year we saw one that was in front of the cabin right next to us! My brother goes out and runs every morning and I was getting Roxy our dog to go potty and the next thing I know my brother bangs on our door saying bear bear! I pushed Roxy back in her carrier grabbed my camera and walked out our door to see this cute brown bear next door. It was eating this peanut butter thing. A guy walked by and kinda scared the bear and asked my dad if it was a bear? My dad said, no it's a deer. The guy then said, oh it looked like a bear. Then my dad said, no it's just a deer in a Bear's costume. The guy said, oh! haha we were all laughing so hard. He worked for Yosemite so I hope his job wasn't something important that can cause big problems if he isn't paying attention because clearly he couldn't tell a bear from a deer. We also found out our dog loves the water. When we went down to our favorite beach called Cathedral we put her on her leash and she followed us into the water, played with her water toys, and swam swam swam! We had such a good time with her this trip. She was such a good girl! This was a great family trip! My parents have decided to go to Yosemite every other year so we can do a house boat the year we don't go to Yosemite. Can't wait! Especially since there will be two little babies next year. My brother's boy and my whatever it is! :) Pictures to come on my belly soon. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nifty Fifty Party!

This Party was one of my activities that I planned and it was a 50's night for the residents. As you can see we all had a great time!