Saturday, November 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

This is our new place in Corona! We don't have our mirror or our dining table, but it should both be here early next week. We got the mirror and the dining table at the swap meet so we have to wait for them to deliver it. Our complex has a pool, spa, tennis courts, volleyball court, an indoor racquetball court, and BBQ grills around the community. It's a great area. Up the street we have a nice park with a playground. Also we have about 7 churches literally right around the corner and the first one you see is that LDS Church. We thought that was funny. If ever we decide to go some day we can walk there. I met our neighbors first when my dad and I brought my big furniture. I told Matt that they were voo doo, smelly, old people with 3 kids that live in the living room and make noise like crazy HAHA. He spent the rest of the day worrying about what to do about them. He almost wanted to move to another unit, that is how much anxiety he had about it. Eventually, later that night I told him the truth and m dad and I were cracking up. He was so happy that I was kidding! :) A couple nights after we first moved in we went out to stock up on groceries. Right down the street we have a Stater Bros. and a Rite Aid. We first went into Rite Aid cause I needed some Rubbing Alcohol for my belly ring cause it got a little red from moving boxes. I guess the boxes and furniture rubbed against my stomach. Anyways, so Matthew put on his sweats, put his glasses on, T shirt and sandals then we left. Guess who we ran into in Rite Aid? Our neighbors. After Matthew met them he asked how he looked and I said, "well you're in your sweats and glasses, so you could have looked better." :) It was funny. So far, It's been a great experience. It can get kinda lonely since Matthew works all the time and I don't have an animal to play with, but maybe very soon the New Year will bring some good news. ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rachael Ray Day!

I was watching tv and remembered that Rachael Ray was on so I turned to the channel to watch the last 20 minutes. Today was a very special one! Rachael Ray cooked for 40 brides on their on their wedding day that she hosted for all of them and their families. I wish I was there! :) It was really nice to see the bride and groom's families enjoying themselves all thanks to Rachael. I love her! She is such a great person, always in a happy mood, and I love the things she cooks. Even if I really don't like a certain food, Rachael makes it look so delicious that I would eat it just because she made it. Some day I would like to go see her show in person. That's on my things to do. All the brides said it was way better than anything they ever imagined. It was with Rachael Ray so yeah it would be for me too! :) To top the evening off there were beautiful fireworks exploding in the star filled sky! :) How romantic! Oh by the way, since her show was over I flipped the channel to The View and guess who was on it with the regulars????? RACHAEL RAY! :) It's been a perfect morning so far! :) She is teaching The View girls her recipes out of her Big Orange Book. It looks delicious! :) She is showing how to make easy appetizers for parties. She is showing one of my favorites, deviled eggs! I see that she cuts her eggs the opposite of how you usually cut them for deviled eggs. She cuts in between the top and bottom instead of lengthwise, if that makes any sense. :) Ok, I'm going to go watch it now. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Things I Did and Things To Do

It's been a while since I have written anything but now I finally have some downtime to write about what's been going on in my life. First off we moved out to Corona! :) So far the apartment looks great and I can't wait for the Johnson family to see it. I will be taking pictures this week and posting them up. The only things we don't have yet it our dining table and our mirror that will go in the dining room. Speaking of my table and mirror this last Saturday my parents and I went to the Swap meet. I drove down from my apartment which is about 20 min away from my house and got into my parents car and left for the Swap Meet. The main reason to go was to see how cheap the dining tables were so Matt and I could finish furnishing our new beautiful place. I saw the perfect table and my parents were nice enough to buy it for us as a house warming gift. After that purchase my mother said I needed some kind of mirror to put behind the table and that she would get that for us also. I told her that was ok and she didn't need to buy our table and a mirror for us but she insisted. It was kinda funny cause when I was looking for a mirror I was looking at the one I wanted and then I turned my head and saw a kid in one of those wooden wagons that you can rent at the swap meet, and then I looked back at my mirror and then it hit me! That little boy was ERIK, Matt's cousin haha. I looked around and saw Alma and gave her a hug and she said she was looking at the same mirror I was for her bathroom. I said Hi to Eric and as always he had his finger in his mouth and smiled he looked so cute! What are the odds I'd see the two of them. On the way back we ate at the TMP and had Pick Up Stix it was so good. Matthew doesn't really care for Chinese food so when I get a chance I eat it. As we were driving back to my parents house up Jamboree we saw a lot of smoke from the fires. We got home and everything was ok but no sooner than I walked through the front door Matthew called and said right behind his apartment complex he works for is on fire and that he was on his way over to my parents cause everyone was evacuating. I don't remember much cause I was just happy he was ok. As we were waiting for him we turned on the news and the fires were going crazy. It started in Corona, and moved down to Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills area. Of coarse we move a week ago to Corona and now there's a fire. Our community was ok. It was not close to the fires, but we stayed at my parents house sat night due to the closed freeways and then we stayed Sunday night cause we weren't sure how traffic was going to be trying to get to school today. Anyways, Matthew got back ok and he smelt worse than a fire pit. On the news they were closing the 241, 91, 57, and 60 freeways. About 10-20 minutes after Matthew got back his complex was on fire! It was crazy! It burned about 50-60 apartments. We felt so bad. Sunday Matt got called in to help those people who lived at the community and when he told those people whose apartment burned come would cry and some got really angry. For those that didn't burn down most were green tagged so they were able to stay last night. Now it's Monday and although I'm sad for those without homes, I'm happy for what I have and will be getting in the next few days. It's kinda funny this all happened around Thanksgiving. It's the Holiday to be thankful for something. I'm thankful for my wonderful Husband and our families that we get to see and create wonderful memories with. :)