Tuesday, August 16, 2011

18 months old!

I can not believe how fast the time has gone! I know I keep saying this in many of my posts, but when you have a child it seems like they grow up way too fast! I can't believe that Alexa is already a year and a half years old already! This time last year we were in Utah and she just learned how to sit up by herself on her actual 6 month birthday! I look back at younger pictures of Alexa and I wonder where my little baby went and when did she become a toddler! To celebrate, Matthew and I took her to Irvine Park! We rented a paddle boat and went on the train! We only stayed for about an hour since Alexa had to be back for her afternoon nap, but we had a lot of fun with her! It was really hot so Matthew and I kept pedaling to 1 of the 3 shady spots on the lake. We just kept going from one to the other and so on. It was really fun! We actually forgot how tiring pedaling the paddle boats actually were, so to cool off we had some Icee's!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nerf War!

My Husband works for a new company as an SEO, search engine optimizer. He helps real estate agents from all over the US rank their websites well on 3 major search engines. He has been doing website stuff for years, but started working for this company just this April. He really enjoys working for this company and as you can see he really enjoys his 45 minute lunch periods too. Some of the employees shoot each other in the office and on most days, on their lunches, they like to go to the nearest park and have a Nerf war. Here are a couple of action shots.


My sister, really my sister-in-law but I call her my sister because we are so close, came into town for a week and a half and we did so much fun stuff. She really wanted to go to the beach and at first I didn't think Alexa and I were going to be able to go because Alexa takes 2 naps a day, but we went pretty early in the morning and stayed for only a couple of hours and it was actually really perfect. We got there before a lot of people, and we left when a lot of people were starting to crowd the beach. It was a perfect day!

Whenever I go to the beach I can't help but think about Tsunamis. I always make sure to watch the shore because the water recedes when a Tsunami is coming haha. It always makes me think about what I would do if it were to happen right then and there. Anyways, we had a lot of fun!