Monday, June 4, 2012

2 Things!

Mason is now 5 months old!

He can sit up all by himself
He started eating solids (baby food) and he does not like Peas. He loves Sweet Potatoes
He started some fruits
He can put his binky in his mouth by himself
He loves it when I hum the song from Aladdin where Aladdin makes his big entrance as a Prince
He laughs all the time
He loves to suck on his toes when he is on his back
He loves playing with Matthew's train set
He grabs at everything. When he sees something he wants he goes for it
He can walk backwards in his walker, but not forward yet
He loves sucking on ice
He always grabs his dads glasses
He puts-*/+ his tongue out when you kiss him
He drools a lot
He loves Roxy. Whenever Roxy comes next to him he grabs for her

The next great thing is that we went to Utah for 8 days! It was so nice to get away for a little bit and to see the fam! We mostly all just talked and relaxed at the house like we usually do, but we did experience some new things too. We FLEW to Utah so this was the kids first time in an airplane, or as Alexa called it, a rocket ship. She was so cute because as we left the airport (both times) she must of said, "bye rocket ship" about 10 times before we left the airport. It was a hassle our first flight because we didn't know what to expect, but when we came home the airport process went a lot smoother. And, I'm just talking about the actual luggage and airport stuff you go through before you get on the plane. The actual flight both ways for the kids went very well! The kids took naps and played and they were perfect as can be! While we were in Utah Matthew and I went on a 7 mile hike with Matthew's dad. It was so beautiful, and I can't wait to do it again. We also took Alexa to Discovery Park a couple of times. It was a very nice park that has a ton of things for kids to play with and the park looked like a castle. It was way different than a park here in California. Other than those things, we pretty much just relaxed and drank many healthy smoothies. It was a lot fun, and we can't wait to visit again!