Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Months Old April 13th!

I'm a little late but Alexa is already 2 months old! Unfortunately, Alexa had to get her immunization shots so she was a little sore on the 13th. She cried while she was getting her 3 shots but as soon as the nurse was done Alexa was fine. She really was a good girl. On the upside Alexa can almost crawl already! Her legs move a lot, but her neck is still not strong enough to lift her head completely so when she crawls her head slides against the blanket haha. I know once her neck is strong enough to lift her head she will be scooting around the carpet in no time! That means daddy gets to vacuum more often yay! :) She can already sleep through the night! Her bedtime is at about 9:45 every night and she wakes up between 5 and 7 in the morning. I love this stage! We are so lucky to have such a great beautiful baby! She is so much fun!
I can't wait for summer time so she can go in the pool! :) Fun! Fun! Fun!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Alexa's First Easter

Alexa's first Easter was very fun! I got her ready in the morning and because it was cold we put on a long sleeve shirt and pants under her pretty dress.

After I got her ready and fed and in the car, Alexa and I drove to my Aunt's house to spend Easter with my family. Matthew had to work so it wasn't the same without him, but we still enjoyed the day.
It was fun day! Alexa got Easter presents and she went on an Easter egg hunt. She found 2 dollars! Later on she got hungry so Papa Jeff fed her some boo boo. While eating her dinner she experienced her first earthquake! She did very well considering it was a rolling one and not a shaking one. It kinda got me a little dizzy because it felt like I was on a ship.

After she was fed we came home so we could spend the rest of Easter with her daddy. :) We ate dinner and watched Sweet Home Alabama. After that movie we started to watch one of the Jurassic Park movies. I'm not sure which one it was, but I know it wasn't the first one. We watched it until the baby went down for the night because when you have a baby you need every little second of sleep you can possibly get. Especially when she hates her crib and usually only sleeps in mommy's and daddy's bed. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Kayli!

Here are 22 things about Kayli that Matthew Ashley and Alexa LOVE!

1. She has beautiful hair as you can see from the picture above.

2. She is a colorful person inside and out. (Except for her language)
3. No matter who the person is, she is nice and respectful to their face. (lol) JK :)
4. Whether she likes to agree or not, she looks beautiful in every picture.
5. She is an amazing photographer! Probably the best :)
6. She was the Maid of Honor in my wedding and a darn good one!
7. She loves to play games with her family and friends.
8. She has 3 older brothers that love her very much, and I'm married to the "special" looking one haha JK :)
9. She is a girl that just "gets it" when most people wouldn't understand.
10. She loves spending time with the family, and she always makes us take a family photo that later we are glad we have.
11. She gets really good grades in school.
12. She believes in doing what's right no matter what others are doing.
13. Her best friend is Heather who is also like a sister to us. :)
14. She loves to cook and always brings her knife with her when she travels.
15. She has an amazing sense of humor, and will always laugh at her brother's dumb jokes.
16. She always posts a blog about the person on their birthday, and will list the same number of things as their age.
17. She wants to write a novel someday, and we are sure it will be published when she does.
18. She has great taste and loves a well written Broadway Musical.
19. She has a things to do list before she dies.
20. She loves taking pictures of people when they are not looking. (Later it's fun to see what pictures of Larry she has taken that he doesn't know about)
21. She makes friends with everyone.
22. She is the best Sister, Sister-in-law, and Aunt we could have asked for!