Sunday, December 28, 2008


I just got off the phone with my parents and they said that the doctor called and said that Precious has feeling in both of her legs and she get's to come home tomorrow! I couldn't be happier! I love her so much and I can't wait to see her! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I love you Precious Girl!

Christmas Eve Precious started wheezing and limping so my parents took her to the emergency really early in the morning. The doctor took ex rays, listened to her heart and they couldn't see or hear that anything was wrong with her. So they gave her a shot for the pain thinking maybe she just hurt something and the shot and other medication will help her. Later that day all of the sudden she lost the ability to use her back legs, so my parents called the doctor and he said it could be that she is in so much pain that she doesn't want to use them. The rest of the day she was way out of it from the medication and she seemed like she was in lots of pain when she tried to scoot her body. Christmas day rolled around and she hadn't gone potty since before all of this stuff started to happen. Throughout that day my parents and I checked up on her to make sure she was alright. I checked her bed and it felt wet because she still wasn't able to walk. Her legs looked at if they were paralyzed. She would just scoot on her butt if she wanted to go anywhere and so I knew something wasn't right, but since I'm not a doctor, who was I to say that it wasn't. I just knew I had a bad feeling. Later Christmas day I went in and I gave her some water and I held her over her pee pad to see if she would go, so I scratched her back leg and all of the sudden she started to go but there was blood in it. Not alot but I knew that wasn't right. I told my parents and they called the emergency and they said it could be the medication and since she hadn't gone in so long there could be blood. I still knew deep in my heart that something wasn't right. Precious is a fighter and I knew that if she was going to walk it would have happened already. The day after Christmas at around 5:40 I woke up because something was bothering me. I didn't know why I couldn't sleep I just knew I had to do something instead of just laying down so I went on the computer. At around 6:30 my mother called me up from the animal emergency crying while explaining to me what was going on. At first I though what anyone would think, that oh my gosh don't tell me Precious is gone! She said that Precious woke up and seemed like she had to go potty and when my dad took her to her puppy pad she went but it was all dark blood the size of a football. Once they got to the emergency the doctor felt her spine and notice that when he felt the middle Precious snapped at him. SHE NEVER DOES THAT! Then when he reached the top of her spine he went back down and she snapped again in the same spot. He said that her disc in her spine must have ruptured and that is the reason why she doesn't have feeling in her legs. He said he needed to operate on her and even then she would have a 50 50 chance of being paralyzed on her back legs. My parents did not want to put her down so they said do it. They knew that she only has a 50 50 chance of ever walking again but whatever happens they will work through it. I got to my parents house around 7:45 and I found out that Precious was going to be in surgery for 3 hours. At around 11am the doctor called and said everything went great! He said that he found the ruptured disc and that he got all of it out of her, so now it wasn't pinching her nerves. He still doesn't know her walking condition but he said that he gave her the maximum chance to walk again and it was all up to her now. He told my dad that he would call this morning to let us know how she did throughout the night. I prayed so hard for my little puppy. I know I would love her just they same if not more if she was disabled but I just didn't want her to suffer. It's been a stressful couple of days. So the doctor called this morning and said that Precious is already showing signs of feeling in her right LEG!!!!!! When he pinches her toes she moves her leg!!!! We were thrilled!!!!! SHE IS A FIGHTER!!! She is still healing and the the left leg is still the same but the doctor is hopeful that it will come around. She kinda walked on three legs from her other surgery a couple years back when her knee came out of the socket so if its only three legs that work then she won't let it stop her haha. I won't be here Monday but my parents will send me pictures when they get her back!!! Thank goodness I'm not working cause now I get to take care of her while my parents are working. I love you Girl! Please pray for her recovery!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I Just Had To! :)

Okay! I was looking for pictures to put on my previous entry and I decided not to because they didn't relate to the entry so I thought I'd make this a whatever entry that still relates to Christmas and put whatever pictures up. Hope you like!

This one is scary but I like it! Kayli is funny!

Road Trip!

Okay! It looks like we will be going up to Utah on Sunday! :) We will be staying in Vegas at this Hotel called Sam's Town. I stayed there a lot when I was little and I really liked it because it has waterfalls and a fake mountain in the middle of the hotel. At the top of the mountain there is a cave with a fake wolf standing outside of it. It's really cool. Every now and then the wolf will howl. Early Monday we will be leaving Vegas and in Utah by 10am at the latest. It all depends on what time we want to get up. It's exciting to think about going up there. Even though its not during Christmas it will still be lots of fun to see everyone and Utah! I haven't been up there in at least a couple of years! I love taking trips outside of my bubble! This will be our first real road trip where we call the shots! I guess we did drive to Yosemite pretty much by ourselves because halfway toward Yosemite we had to get on an airplane to fly to Washington for Matthew's brothers wedding and once we got back to CA we were on our own, but only for like 4 hours. So yeah, we're excited!

CHRISTMAS time is here!

I can feel that this week and possibly next week is going to be a very exciting week! This week is what I call Christmas week. Everyone is out of school for the Holiday and for the people who work, well they get Wed. and Thurs. off too. I'm going to my parents today because my mom bought us some milk on sat. and I forgot to take it home. Plus I'm going over there to see the dogs, my kitty, and my parents. I can't believe it's been a almost a whole year already. This year really went by super fast for me. I remember celebrating last Christmas like is was yesterday when my family and I were making gingerbread houses and my other family and I were at my grandpas house decorating the tree. 2009 is going to be a great year! Things will be changing, people will be graduating, including ME! Can you say FINALLY!!!!!!! 2008 has been a great year for me and my husband. We moved out into our own place! As much as I hate to see 2008 go, 2009 will bring on more birthdays, and more anniversary's, and maybe some exciting news! Next year will be 7 years that Matthew and I have been dating. I cannot believe it's been so long. I was 16 when we started dating and I will be 23 next April. He was 17 when we met, but 18 when we started dating and he will be 25 in June. People always tell us you're too young to get married and to even start wanting kids, but really when you think about it people usually get married after 2 years of dating and for us it was like 4 years. Then after a few years people want to start having kids, but because we met so early on it just seems like we got married young and want kids early, but really based on our relationship its perfect timing. Sorry I don't mean to complain, but it gets a little annoying, especially when the person who is telling you this has never experienced love before. Anyways, I'm happy for all the great people I have in my life. I'm really lucky! For me Christmas isn't about the gifts, but it's about spending that special holiday with the people you love. Unfortunately half of my family is in Utah, but hopefully we will be making a trip to go up!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jacuzzi In the Rain!

These past 3 days have been awesome! My husband usually has Monday and Wednesday off but this week he got a free paid day so he took Tuesday off as well. It has been a nice change. Now that school is over we can hang out a lot more and I'm very excited! It's been very rainy here the past three days and it has also been great! What can be better than spending time at home cuddling with the one you love? Well, nothing!! But I will tell you what made it even better. Monday we woke up and had breakfast while we watched more episodes of our new drama series, Dexter. We love watching Dexter! It's is our all time favorite show! Matthew really wants to be and think like Dexter. :) Around 10 am we left home to go see the first showing of twilight. It was raining super hard so it was the perfect day for a movie. After the movie, which was pretty good and funny in a way, we walked around and went into other stores and Target to get some shopping done. It was a perfect rainy day! It felt so right to be hanging out and we had so many of those moments where your eyes meet. It was romantic in a way. We came home and snuggled up and watched more Dexter. Tuesday, Matthew and I called Grandma Johnson to ask her for her recipe for her toffee. We then went out and bought the supplies and made it! Well..... kinda haha :) We know how to make it and it comes out tasting great, but its hard to get it to come out in one piece, but it's ok we will perfect it. After our attempt to make toffee we finally finished all of Dexter! Now we have to wait till next year when season 4 airs. :( Today was another great day. After breakfast we went to Barnes and Noble to look at books then we went to Red Lobster to use our gift card we got from Matthew's complex he works for. It was great meal. I actually ordered Salmon for the first time ever and it was fantastic! Matthew ordered crab legs and since I'm a beginner with eating seafood I smelt the crab legs and that was enough for me. For dessert we ordered a warm cookie that had a chocolate filling in the center with ice cream on top. It was so good! All day it has been raining and on the way home Matthew and I were kinda cold, so I mentioned the jacuzzi and he said why not. As soon as we got home we change into our bathing suits, we put our jackets on and flip flops and we went. It was awesome! We were so frozen by the time we got there that we practically hopped into the jacuzzi without a care in the world of how hot it was. Here it is raining and we were the only one's in the jacuzzi haha. :) It was fantastic! We can't wait to do it again! He goes back to work tomorrow but that ok cause I get him next Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday yay! I just love him! Happy Holidays! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Go out with a BANG!

December 11, 2008 is going in my book of One of the Best Day's Ever! To start the day off, it was my daddy's 47th Birthday. Yes, I still call him daddy. We didn't celebrate it yesterday because I had my last final last night, so we celebrated it on Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun. Every year around Christmas my dad goes all out and decorates his game room. There are Christmas lights, Santa Clause's, and fake snow everywhere! I will take pictures today. Matthew and I helped decorate the tree on Monday but by wed. he did a lot. Anyways, we had a party for him and his friends came over and most of my family came over. We ordered some mexican food and when we found out more people were coming the Birthday Boy had to make more taquitos, but it's ok cause he loves to cook. When parties are at his house he is a terrific host! He makes sure everyone is comfortable, he offers a drink or appetizers or anything. My Gram taught him well! For his Birthday I got him a Harley Davidson shirt cause you can never go wrong with anything HD. It said Sheriff on the front with an Eagle and since my brudder is a sheriff I thought he would like to wear it. I'm getting my brudder one for his 26th birthday next year. eBay has great things! He also got a John Wayne picture frame and a big picture of John Wayne on a horse, that is another thing you can never go wrong with he loves "The Duke." It was a good Birthday! Now, not only did the title of this blog mean to go out with a Bang for my father's birthday, but as I said before last night was my last final night and I got an A in the class! I took 5 classes this semester, PowerPoint 190 and 191, Art, Desktop Publisher, and Dreamweaver with Flash. My grades have never been better A,A,B,A,A and this was my last full semester of school. Technically I graduated this semester because you can graduate 6 units shy from 60 but I'm still 3 units shy, so I'm taking Anthropology next semester and walking next June for my AA. Finally I'm done with school! Well, for now anyways. If I ever did decide to go back it would be an Art school for Media design. Now I can read the last 2 books of the Twilight Series and relax relax relax. Next week Matthew gets Mon. Tues Wed. off so we are going to go see Twilight and maybe Step Brother cause it looks really funny. My brudder said he really liked it. I love my brudder! Even though we are different in some ways it's still the perfect brother sister relationship I could have ever hoped for. Not to mention that now that I have moved out of my parents house, my relationship with my mother is so much better and I mean like 360 degree turn around. It's funny cause between my parents and I we say I love you more than we ever did. I can't wait for the New year and what it will bring to my life. It better not be death cause I've had a lot in the past 10 years. I'm hoping for a niece or nephew or being so lucky to have one of my own. Now that I've moved out and will be graduating college, those are 2 goals that can and will be checked off. Sorry for writing so much but I guess it's been a while since a real post so I had a lot to say. :) Till next time, Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


It's been a year since My Gram has been gone and I really miss her. In a few minutes I will be leaving to go to a little family get together at the cemetery. It's funny cause ever since 1998 death and cancer has been in my family up until last year. Finally my family is healthy but I miss my grandparents so much. Thankfully I still have my grandpa Joe. He is a great grandpa and up until he lost his wife last year (my gram) I've never seen him cry. Now he is very emotional with all of us and I really like seeing that side of him. Rest in Peace Gram. I love you very much!