Monday, May 24, 2010


On Saturday Matthew and his staff hosted a party here at our apartment community. It was really fun! They had music and food! I ended up sitting next to a couple I knew but not really talked with much, so I got to know them a lot better and we were the last to leave. They just had their baby in December, so we had a lot of things in common. She told me about this toy called a Jumperoo that her son just loved, so she invited me to their apartment to take a look. I put Alexa into it and she had a great time. She loved it so much that when I was taking her out she started to get upset, so I knew Matthew and I had to go out and get one for her. That same night Matthew and I bought Alexa a Jumperoo and she loves it! It's a toy that allows her to jump with toys surrounding her. She hasn't jumped yet exactly, but she does move her legs. She'll figure it out soon and I can't wait! I love having a baby and I'm loving every stage of her life ! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

3 Months Old, May 13th

Alexa is growing up so fast. She already has a strong neck and can hold her head up very well! This was her first time in her highchair.

Mouse Pad

Matthew and I bought a computer desk so we could have a more comfortable place to work and we love it! Our computer is finally out of our bedroom! However, we realized we didn't have a mouse pad, and since we bought a wireless mouse it does not work without one. So we ordered a personalized one online and in the meantime we used the next best thing.
                               A cereal box!
Today we got our mouse pad in the mail. Look how great it turned out!

Sippy Cup

Matthew and I went to Toysrus and when I saw this cup I just had to get it so she can have it when she starts to drink anything other than her formula. :)