Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Making up for lost time

I can't believe it's been over a year since I last blogged. So much has happened and I feel like now is the time to get back on the saddle so I can share my experiences with everyone (if people are even reading this) and so I can journal my life story. I'm really bad about journaling, but I really want to make an effort so I can look back and remember my time as a mom to 3 little ones. Actually, it's now close to 2 little ones since my oldest is now 5 1/2. Time has sure flown by. Inside I still feel like I'm a teenager, but really, I'm 29 years old, soon but no so soon 30, and I feel like it was only yesterday I was 23 and having my first born child.

I have more time on my hands in some ways now that my children are older, and yet, I don't have time on my hands because they are older. They don't need me to feed them with a bottle, but they do need me to make them dinner, teach them things and play with. They want games and fun, instead of tummy time and teething toys. They have grown so much and I can't believe I've been a mom for 5 years already. You definitely learn a lot about yourself when you have kids, things that require a change in yourself in order to be the best version for them. I'm here to say that although people have called me super-mom, handling 3 kids does take its toll, and I'm not always so "super." Being a parent requires so much out of you, stuff you never thought of. Nothing can prepare you before becoming a parent. I'm sorry, but babysitting is not the same. You can say good-bye to those kids and have a great nights sleep and not have a worry in the world. Being a parent is 24/7 because it's not like your day ends permanently when they go down for bed. They get up, ask for things, get sick, get scared, and the list goes on.

BUT no matter how many things come up, no matter how much they drive you crazy and no matter how much they take time away from yourself and your needs, being a parent is the absolute BEST thing in the world. You will never encounter a greater love than the love you feel for your babies.

The past 9 years (of my 20's) have come and gone and my plan is to catch up on the time I've lost on my blogging, before I hit my thirties. It's one of my "30 Before 30" things to do on my list. I have others which I will get to, but for now I need to start where I left off last July.

Until then here is a recent picture of us.
Fish Lake 2015