Monday, February 1, 2010

35 & 35

I have 35 days left until my due date and I'm 35 weeks today! I can't believe our baby could be born sometime at the end of this month. It seemed like it would be forever until I get to this point. We want her to be here already but I wish I could just skip through the labor part. I'm very nervous as I have mentioned a million times to everyone but it's running through my mind everyday all day. I feel great. It's a little tough to sleep some night's due to my back being a little sore or I get really hot but I know it will soon be back to normal and the only thing keeping me up will be my little baby girl.
Oh my gosh! I just experienced what heartburn feels like about 2 nights ago. I woke up with a hot pain in my chest around 1 in the morning and I went to get some cold water but it didn't make it feel better so then I was like maybe this is what heartburn is and sure enough it was. I took 2 tums and I felt great and went back to sleep. It was the pizza and soda I had for dinner. Lets just say I'm sticking to water and non spicy foods for the next month.
Alexa is moving around like crazy. The resident's had a baby shower for me and I got a lot of stuff! I have lot's of baby clothes and toys ready for Alexa to wear and play with.
I went to the blood doctor today to check my blood due to my low platelet count. If you don't know what that is, it's what makes your blood clot so you don't keep bleeding and if you have a low platelet count when you are pregnant then when you have the baby it could be severe. It is common to have the count drop during pregnancy. My platelet count was 112,000. The danger zone is 50,000 and lower. The best is between 150,000 and higher. So mine wasn't too low but because I'm pregnant my doctor wanted to keep an eye on it to make sure it didn't drop more. Anyways, so I went to the doctor today and they said that my test last week showed my count to be 123,000 so it's going up. It made Matthew and I really happy to hear that. They took another blood sample today to make sure it was still good but I'm sure it will be just fine.
Have I told you how much I love my husband? I love him more than anything and I'm so grateful to have him in my life! Just when I didn't think we could be any closer because we are each others best friend, we get closer. I love it! I love that it's him I share my bed with and wake up to every morning! I love that he is the father of our child! And I love that he is all mine! I'm very lucky! I just felt like letting the person that reads this know what I'm thinking at the moment. Now I'm going to go and give him a hug! Goodnight!