Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nana Girl 1995-2008

Today was one, among many, the worst day ever. :( My oldest dog Nana was born in 1995 and has not been doing so well the last couple of days, so this morning we had to put her down. Just thinking about it makes me tear up. She was an amazing dog! She was very playful, loving, and a great snuggler. She was an awesome mother to her puppies. She loved everyone! She would make so many friends everywhere she went. A couple of her favorite things to do were to play tug-of-war with socks, and feel the nice breeze out the drivers window. She really loved that! :( I'm really going to miss the way she would bark when someone gets home so she can get her treat. She is only a memory now. A memory that would lay out in the sunlight on the warm cement with the other puppies. A memory that I will hold in my heart forever. I love you Nana Girl!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Recital Graphic

My Photoshop class got canceled and I decided to keep the book so I can teach myself how to create graphics. This is my first one I did from scratch. It's not impressive and it's just a copy out of the book to help me learn, but hopefully soon I will be able to create my own graphics and get better. I really like Photoshop! It's so crazy how many different tools you can use to create so many things.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Exhuasting Weekend

This weekend was a very exhausting weekend. On Friday, Matthew and I drove to San Diego after he got out of work, so we didn't even get there until 8:15. The reason why we drove out there was to download Adobe Creative Suite Premium CS3 that will help me out very much with my computer classes for Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Now all of my teachers are using CS3 software and Office 2007. I do not like being at school when I don't have to be in class and to go and sit in the Lab just because they use the newest software just sucks. I want to just go home after class and work on my projects at my own convenience. We didn't leave San Diego until 10:30 and the stuff didn't download all the way so we brought it with us and we didn't get home until a little after midnight. As soon as we got home we kicked off our shoes and went to bed. On Saturday I was going to drive up to Palm Springs to surprise my mother for her Birthday weekend, even though her Birthday is really on Monday. I got up at around 7:30 and left the house by about 8:20. Matthew had to work so he didn't go with me. It was our first time apart since we've been married. I drove the hour and half there and it was a nice drive. It was nice to sing along with music and soak up the solitude I had with myself. It's very relaxing. I got to Palm Springs at 10:00 and it was 113 degrees. The second I got out of my car I was sweating. Thank goodness the rooms had air conditioners. My mom, dad and there two friends Bud and Carol were there in the pool when I got there. It was a weekend with the adults and it was fun, but I hate it when you always see couples everywhere you go. This was that kind of time. I was the odd man out and couples were everywhere. It made me feel good to look down at my ring and know that I have someone who loves me for me. It was a re-assurance that I had someone waiting for me at home. The day was fun. We went to a casino Agua Caliente and gambled a little bit and lost. Then we went back to the El Rancho Lodge and relaxed out by the pool. Later we got ready and went out to eat some mexican food, listened to music outside the Hyatt Hotel and kicked back until the singer was gone. We got back to our Lodge and went to bed at 11:30. Sunday I woke up at 6:15 and left Palm Springs at 6:30 and I was home by 8. It was a nice morning. The sun was just coming out and the sky was beautiful. Had I not been driving I would have taken a picture. I got home and since Matthew was home, Precious was sleeping with him all night. We have an air conditioner in our room and it's hard to hear, so I walked in the house and into my room and they were both still sleeping. I turned of the air and then Matthew got scared at first and Precious wiggled out of the blankets to greet me. It was nice to see his face again. I took nap today and yet I'm still very exhausted. It was a fun weekend.