Thursday, November 1, 2012

10 Months Old!

Mason's personality is really starting to come out.

He loves all ice cream and candy
He screams and yells at you when you take his ice cream and candy away
He doesn't cry in his car seat anymore
He has 4 teeth on top now
He can stand all by himself
He started taking steps on 10-27-12
He loves to eat pizza
Even though he doesn't know what he is saying he said Dada for the first time 10-28-12
He is definitely a mommas boy
He loves to snuggle
He wiggles and gets a little upset when you change his diaper or his clothes
He likes to stand while getting a bath
He likes to point
He enjoys the swings at the park
He pushes his lips up to his nose
He sits still on Disneyland rides and for face painting