Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mason's first Urgent Care!

So Matthew and I went through our first big Urgent Care experience with our son. Matthew and I had homework that needed to get done and Matthew's mom offered to watch the kids for a few hours while we had a little homework session. Probably after a couple of hours, and while we we in the middle of Matthew's quiz, we got a phone call that Mason tripped and sliced his head on the bottom corner of the stair post. Matthew's mom said that he only cried for a few minutes and they put a bandage on it. We said we'd be over, if Mason was ok, after we finished up Matthew's quiz. Once we got there we thought we'd come home and take a look at it. Mason was happy as he usually is and he seemed perfectly fine. We took the bandage off and it was clear that his head was cut open and he needed stitches. We called Matthew's mom and she said that she could get a pediatrician over to their house to look at him and give us the best advice on what to do and where we should take him. So back to their house we went. Luckily the pediatrician was right next door and he had another appt. to get to but he said he'd be back in 10 minutes. It was the longest 10 minutes ever!! I was standing in the kitchen just ready to scream, cry, I don't know, I was just not happy. Since this has never happened to me before, I had so many emotions running through my body that I can't even explain what I was feeling. I really just wanted Mason to be okay and for him to be comfortable with whatever we had to do to make this better. The pediatrician came and said that his head will need stitches and that it should be done within 8 hours. He told us the place that we could take him to get stitched up. We called and thankfully, especially since it was on a Sunday, it was open. We left Alexa with Sally at our house, and took Mason right over.

We signed Mason in and it was going to be about an hour wait, but it was fine because one of the nurses came and put some numbing gel on Mason's head so it would be numb by the time we went in to see the doctor. Mason didn't even mess with the cotton ball on his head for the full hour we waited. He just played with us and the toys until the nurse took us back. We waited for about 5 minutes for the exam room to open up because a little girl had a bead stuck up her nose, so she was in there with her mom and the doctor. (We were talking to them in the waiting room). Once the room opened up, the nurse took us to the exam room and we waited for the doctor for about 5 minutes. The doctor came in and said that he was going to prick around his wound to make sure he was numb, but if it bothered him then he would need a shot. He also asked if we would need a restraining board to make sure he stayed still, and we asked if he could suck on a sucker instead. Matthew and I both felt that restraining Mason would probably make him upset. The doctor said he can work with whatever makes him comfortable, so Matthew and I laid Mason on the bed, gave him a sucker and put a show on my phone so he could watch while the doctor sewed him up. The doctor pricked around his wound with a needle and Mason seemed fine, he even pricked inside his wound and Mason didn't move at all, so he decided that he wouldn't need the extra numbing shot. As soon as we heard that he wouldn't need the shot, Matthew and I both felt a little more comfortable, but we were still nervous how Mason was going to do while getting stitched up. It took 6 stitches to close up the wound and Mason was FANTASTIC through the whole thing! He didn't budge or anything and didn't even care what the doctor was doing to him on his forehead. Before going in, Matthew and I both had high hopes for it to go well, considering Mason sat very still for the face painter at my nephew's birthday party, but still you just never know. Once we were done Matthew and I felt SO much better. I know it was just something that can get stitched up, but you never want your child to feel pain and go through something like this or something worse. You keep going over in your head about all the WHAT IFS? and it can really drive you crazy in the moment. Accidents happen and that's life. You wish that you could take your child's place in every moment that causes them pain, but unfortunately life doesn't work that way. You just have to remember that it could have been worse. There is always a positive in every negative. You may not see it right away sometimes, but it's there. At the very end, I told Mason that I give him the right to cry every day for the rest of his life if he want's because he made this experience the best it could have been.

My strong boy! Even if it leaves a scar, girls will dig it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

We moved!

So we moved to Pleasant Grove, Utah! So far it has been pleasant except for the weather. Apparently, it hasn't been this cold or snowed this much in years and of course it happens when this Cali girl moves here. I don't mind the snow at all, but it makes it tough when you have kids that are so used to going out and playing outside. It has been fun playing in the snow, but I'm ready for the warm weather. Matthew and I both agree that we could live here and handle the weather just fine since it's not like this all year long, BUT we prefer to live in an area that the coldest it gets is when it's raining with gloomy skies. We are so over the cold! We moved here and drove all night long on January 1st starting at 7:20 pm and arrived here on the 2nd at 7:15 am. It was a pleasant drive considering we had the kids and our dog Roxy. She had the whole back of our Highlander and the kids slept and watched DVDs the whole time. We had a small trailer attached to our car so we were only able to drive 55 mph, 60 mph at the most, so the trip was a little longer than it needed to be, but it was fine. A couple days later my parent's drove up our other car and they stayed a few days with us.

It was nice to have them stay and see the house. It was also really nice to have Matthew's parents drive all of us around to see the sights, then take us out to lunch. It was hard to see my parents leave but it was way easier than when I left them a couple days earlier in Ca.

So far we've been here for a little over 3 weeks and it's been fun/busy/amazing! I'm really happy about moving here and exploring something new. I miss everyone a lot, but I'm really happy about the adventure I have ahead of me. Owning my own house is great! I love having my own house! Another great thing about being here is getting to see Matthew a lot! He works with his mother a lot and has already been to a lot of events, but I get to see him for lunch and he gets off early so it's another reason why we decided to move. We have always been the couple that enjoys spending as much time as possible with one another. We don't get sick of one another and it's just the way we are and we love it! We are best friends! Other than getting settled in and Matthew enjoying his job, everything is pretty much the same. Taking care of kids, doing school work and Matthew and I will be graduating this year with our Bachelors, so it's an exciting year for us. Plus, now that we are owners of 2 timeshares in Laguna Beach, we are looking forward to going there this September even more! So far we are starting off this year great and I'm looking forward to more things to come!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1 Year Old!

I know this is way late, but so many things have been going on since December of last year. The last highlight to finish off 2012 was that my son turned 1!

He loves to talk, usually says mum or mo
He loves to watch movies and cuddling with mommy and daddy
He loves his carseat and loves being able to see everything now that he is turned facing forward
He loves to climb up and down stairs
He climbs on top of his kiddie table
He likes to jump on the bed
He is a really good eater and loves to drink smoothies
He likes playing with Alexa
He still likes to stand when he gets a bath
He likes to sing Karaoke
He like to drive around
He likes to play in kitchen drawers