Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Saturday

We decided to celebrate Easter all weekend because my brother works on Sunday's, so on Saturday we spent the day with him, his wife, and my nephew at Irvine Park. My uncle, his wife and my cousin's also came and Matthew's brother and his wife were also able to make it. It was a really great day. We BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs. A few of us rode on the train with the kids and we even had a little Easter egg hunt. Alexa did very well. She picked the eggs up and put them in her basket. She still doesn't walk yet but she is getting very very close. After the park a few of us came back to the house and sat outside and enjoyed the fire.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Matthew and I went to Target for some Easter stuff and let's just say that there is no doubt in our minds that Alexa, my nephew Rhett, and my cousin Jocelynn aren't going to have great Easter baskets! We got a lot of stuff and Matthew was the one that wouldn't stop putting things into the cart! It was really funny that he was so excited for Easter. I'm excited too because Alexa is getting older and more fun to play with and now Matthew will be able to spend Easter with us since he no longer works on the weekends. Since my brother will be working on Sunday, we decided to celebrate Easter on Saturday at Irvine Park! Then on Sunday we are planning on going to Tom's Farms in Corona. They will have live music and a bunch of fun things for kids to do! This weekend is going to Rock!

Matthew and I are excited to announce that we are going to have a mini garden! When you first walk into Target they usually have a section of random things behind the carts. I was looking for things to put in Alexa's basket and we saw these little pots that are vegetable kits that were $1.00 each. They had sweet pepper, strawberry, green pepper, parsley, and tomato. Yesterday we bought the strawberry and after putting it together, we kinda wished we bought the others because it would be fun to see them grow. Since we forgot a few things at Target yesterday, we went back today and bought the rest of the kits. We put them together and now we are very excited to see them sprout!

The Zoo!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 25th!

My birthday was definitely an interesting day. Matt took off 5 days from work, so he was with me for most of the week! The morning of my birthday was a good morning. Alexa woke up, we fed her, played with her, and then she went down for her nap. After she woke up we got her ready to go to the mall. On our way to the mall we stopped in to see my Grandpa Joe. I knew he probably had forgotten my birthday because my grandma would always remind him and now that she is gone it's up to my aunt or my dad to remind him. He was very happy to see us and he did forget my birthday. He loves his great-grand babies, so he was holding Alexa's hand and walking with her around the flowers. She was having a lot of fun. After we left, we were finally on our way to go shopping. However, our little adventure was not as fun as I hoped it would be. I already knew that Matthew was only putting on a smile because it was my birthday, but Alexa was not having a good time and she was showing it. I went in a few stores that I had gift cards for and Alexa was wanting to get down and walk around. The problem is that even though she wants to walk around she can't walk. She still needs someone to hold her hand. Our backs were already hurting from some stuff Matthew and I were helping my dad do, so bending over and holding her hands didn't sound fun. I don't know if this is a girl's thing or what, but Alexa has a huge attitude now. If she doesn't want to do something she will let you know by pushing it away, yelling, or crying. So what did I do? I walked in the stores and immediately walked out. I did get a cell phone cover that Matthew bought me at the mall for my birthday, but even that was not as enjoyable as I wanted it to be. One thing about shopping is that I can't be rushed. I finally said let's just go, so we left. I wasn't mad at Alexa and especially not at Matthew. I was just very frustrated. Alexa is testing my patience and believe me, it's wearing very thin. I'm not going to mention the other things that didn't go right because then this would be very long, but the one thing that did go right was having my family come together for my birthday dinner. All in all that was the best part of my day and it really made everything that went wrong seem like it never happened. That's the thing about important day's, sometimes things don't go right, but at the end of the day it's the people that love you and that are there to celebrate with you that make that day so special. Good-bye 24, Helllllloooo 25!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

T♥Ball - Game #2

My little cousin, Jocelynn, just started her T♥Ball so today my parent's, Alexa, and I went to game #2. It was so much fun watching the little kids play T♥Ball. I can't wait to watch Alexa play in sports or other activities that she is interested in. I hope I have a boy, so I can see him play in sports too. My uncle is one of the coaches and Jocelynn's mom is a team mom. I hope that I can be one of those moms that supports the little kids and tells them to run when the batter hits the ball. It was really cute to see them all scramble around for the ball. I would like to try and make it to every game, so I hope the weather stays nice enough for Alexa and I to go. After the game my parent's took Alexa and I to Olvera Street in LA. We always eat in this little hole in the wall place across from the train station. I have been going there every since I was a little girl. After we ate we left and visited my grandparents graves. We cleaned and left a rose at my grandpas grave then we left to go clean and leave roses at my grandma and my great grandmas graves at another cemetery. Thank goodness that that was our last stop because Alexa fell asleep in the car and I grew very tired on the way home.
Some of the pictures are a little grey because I was taking them through the fence.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Santa Ana Zoo

Today Alexa and I met my mother, brother, and nephew at the Santa Ana Zoo. I have only been there about 5 times or less. My brother lives literally right across the street in the apartment community so he goes very often with Rhett. It isn't a big Zoo, but it does have a lot of cool animals. It was a short visit, but it was a lot of fun. We rode on the train and the carousel. Alexa picked the Giraffe to ride on and had a smile on her face every time we came around to my brother because he would say hi to Alexa and Rhett. Alexa and I had a great time.