Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Matthew and I went to Target for some Easter stuff and let's just say that there is no doubt in our minds that Alexa, my nephew Rhett, and my cousin Jocelynn aren't going to have great Easter baskets! We got a lot of stuff and Matthew was the one that wouldn't stop putting things into the cart! It was really funny that he was so excited for Easter. I'm excited too because Alexa is getting older and more fun to play with and now Matthew will be able to spend Easter with us since he no longer works on the weekends. Since my brother will be working on Sunday, we decided to celebrate Easter on Saturday at Irvine Park! Then on Sunday we are planning on going to Tom's Farms in Corona. They will have live music and a bunch of fun things for kids to do! This weekend is going to Rock!

Matthew and I are excited to announce that we are going to have a mini garden! When you first walk into Target they usually have a section of random things behind the carts. I was looking for things to put in Alexa's basket and we saw these little pots that are vegetable kits that were $1.00 each. They had sweet pepper, strawberry, green pepper, parsley, and tomato. Yesterday we bought the strawberry and after putting it together, we kinda wished we bought the others because it would be fun to see them grow. Since we forgot a few things at Target yesterday, we went back today and bought the rest of the kits. We put them together and now we are very excited to see them sprout!


  1. What a fun little garden! I can't wait to have a garden in the future, but it's not very practical in the apt we're in now.

    I'm glad our blog inspired you to change yours to something you like better. :)

    Happy Easter to the 3 of you! I'm sure Alexa will look adorable with an Easter basket in hand. I'll look forward to seeing pictures of the festivities!