Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013!

This Valentine's Day was really fun! As a kid I always got a little something from my parent's for V-Day. My mom used to sneak into my room and place my little gift on my dresser and some of the time I really didn't know she came in, but most of the time I pretended to be asleep when she did it. It's a fun memory that I want to do with my kids. Since I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old they are a little too small to really do that with and have them be excited. Alexa would be good with that but since she comes into my room early every morning, I can't really put her gift in her room so I put their gifts on the dining table for when they came down they would see them.
They opened up their Valentine bags and loved all the little toys they got.

 My parents put together a little birthday gift/Valentine's day box for the kids to open. Alexa loved everything, while Mason wanted the candy and played with the peanut foam.

Her cowgirl hat from grandma and papa!

Another reason why Valentine's day was great was because of the gift I thought of for Matthew! The night before Valentine's Day I told Matthew I had to get the kids v-day gifts that I left at his parents house, which I really did so it wouldn't be a lie, but I really had another reason for going over to his parents house. I planned a little riddle/clue finder game to get to his V-day gift! It was super fun to do! I placed 7 clues around Matthew's parents house and each clue had a riddle of the location to the next clue. I think I had more fun planning the game than Matthew had playing it. Anyways, it was a success! To make it more fun I had every other clue be upstairs so he had to go upstairs for one clue and then downstairs for the other then upstairs again! Haha!
He gets to work at 6 AM every morning so once he left I was so anxious waiting here at the house wondering how everything was going. I had Matthew's dad film Matthew playing the game so I can watch it since I couldn't be there.
The first thing Matthew saw when he walked over to his desk was an envelope with cutout letters of his name on it. I stuck it on his keyboard so he would see it when he walked to his desk. Inside the envelope was a letter with directions of how to play the game.

 I wanted it to look like a ransom note and have it sound like the game in the movie Saw.
 1- Takes him to the fridge
 2- Takes him to his parents huge bathtub
 3- Takes him to the TV in the living room
4- Takes him to the movie closet upstairs hidden in the Cable Guy DVD case
 5- Takes him to the basement hallway
 6- Takes him to his sisters room
 7- Takes him to the piano that is in the front room right across from his office
His Valentine's day gift was a card along with a v-day box filled with his favorite candies.He had fun playing!

Later that evening we had a date night planned for after the kids went to bed. We had a nice dinner that Matthew set up and then we watched a movie.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alexa is 3!

Now that we live in Utah, we decided to have a small birthday party for Alexa here since our plans to have a party for her in CA fell through. She loves Chuck E. Cheeses so we had dinner and games there and had cake and ice cream at our house. I can't believe my baby girl is already 3!

 Her new ktichen