Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Beginnings

New Beginning 1.     I love this time of year. Summer is coming to an end and Fall will be here very soon. Halloween is right around the corner and I can't wait to put Alexa in her first Halloween costume! She is going to look so cute. I had to order her costume online and it won't be here till the 23rd of this month, but as soon as I get it she is trying it on haha. :)

New Beginnings 2.     Matthew and I are going to Lake Tahoe to spend Thanksgiving with the Fairbanks and the Johnsons. It's going to be so much fun! I have only been to Lake Tahoe one time, but that was 9 years ago when my parent's and I went for their 20th wedding anniversary in September. Tomorrow, they will be celebrating their 29th Anniversary and I'm going to make them a carrot cake tonight. :)

New Beginning 3.     I'm almost down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I have been eating a lot healthier and I have been running a lot. I can run for 25 minutes straight. I know I could run longer, but I get bored and want to go back home to Matthew and Alexa haha. My deadline to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight is New Years Day, and I'm very confident that I will make it. :)

New Beginning 4.    Our neighbors are getting married today!!!! I have known them for a little over a year and they have been engaged since December. They are such a fun couple! They don't party or drink and they love playing the card game Golf! They were the ones who introduced us to that game and now we play it all the time! We always go on walks together with our dog's and soon they will be trying for a baby! :) Our friendship is like the show Friends because they come over and walk in whenever haha. Matthew and I like that. They are paying for most of the wedding, so I let Christy borrow my wedding jewelry because it can be very expensive. I can't wait to see her walk down the isle!! It's going to be a great night! I will miss Alexa, but like Matthew said, I will be with her everyday very soon. :) Not only am I super happy for our friends, but its date night and I love dressing up! I bought a super cute dress at Forever 21 and I can't wait to get off work at 2 to start getting ready for tonight! :)

New Beginning 5.     On another happy note my last day of work will be September 29th. I decided to quit my job and be what I have always wanted to be, a stay at home mom!!!! :) I'm super excited!!! I love Alexa so much and soon I will get to be with her and Matthew all the time! :) I can't believe she is already 7 months old. This time last year I was trying to fit my belly into costumes. She is growing up so fast. Her two bottom teeth have already sprouted from her gums. :) I still can't believe I have a daughter, and soon she will be calling me mom or mama. I feel so lucky because life is perfect right now, or will be in 2 weeks haha. I have the best husband and daughter I could have asked for, and I love them very much! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yosemite for Thanksgiving?

We have been invited to go to Yosemite for Thanksgiving! I have gone to Yosemite almost every year since I was born. I love Yosemite! It's so beautiful and very peaceful! I love nature and being in the outdoors!
 Here is Matthew, Alexa, Roxy and I at Glacier Point
in August 09 :)
Alexa was tiny in my tummy at that point. :)
You can see the whole valley from there, along with Half Dome and the falls!

 We should find out if we can go by the end of next week. I really hope it works out. I have never been there in the fall so it would so much fun to be there and to see everyone for Thanksgiving! I know we aren't staying in the valley, but at least I can be close to it. :)
I hope to see you soon Yosemite, I miss you!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Johnson

(I took this picture with my phone from the Cliff restaurant a long time ago)
Grandma and Grandpa Johnson came down from Utah to stay at their timeshare in Laguna Beach, so yesterday we went to go visit them. Matthew and I love Laguna Beach! It's so beautiful! While we were there we also talked with Mark and Cathy.
After an hour or so we were getting very hungry so Grandma and Grandpa Johnson took Matthew Alexa and I to Ruby's for lunch.

We love Ruby's! Matthew and I always get a burger with chili fries and a chocolate malt! Mmm! :)
After lunch we went back to the time share and talked for about an hour and because I had homework that is due today and tomorrow we left.
It was a fun day! We always enjoy Laguna Beach!